Our Little Monsters

Taking great care of your pets in your own home while you're away

In an ideal world you would always be available to care for your animals yourself however this is not always possible. When you contact me we will arrange a time suitable for me to come and meet you. It is also valuable for your animals to have an opportunity to meet me before I commence caring for them, to smell my smells and hear my voice and become familiar with me will ensure that when I arrive to care for them I am not a complete stranger entering their territory. I will learn about your pet’s current routine and needs before you leave them in my care so that I can do the very best job possible to ensure they stay relaxed and happy.

This initial visit is always free of charge.


Gisborne, New Gisborne, Macedon, Mt Macedon, Woodend

    $20 per minimum 30min visit

    $30 per minimum 60min visit


Newham, Carlsruhe, Ashbourne, Riddells Creek, Bullengarook

    $25 per minimum 30min visit

    $35 per minimum 60min visit


Surrounding areas will be priced by mutual agreement.

There is no extra charge over holiday periods.


Visits include:

Your chosen timeframe can be filled however you like depending on your animal’s needs.  Most domestic pet visits will involve play time such as ball/toy fetch or more structured exercise like on or off lead walking as well as feeding, providing clean and plentiful water and giving lots of reassuring cuddles however you may have a hen house, horses, cows, sheep, goats or any other kind of monster that requires other kinds of attention

Providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for your pet. Cleaning up accident zones and tending to litter trays inside and poo patrol in your yard

Feeding and checking on fish & birds

I'll also happily give your home an occupied appearance by emptying your letterbox, taking out and bringing in your bins, opening/closing blinds or curtains and switching lights on off as required

Watering plants if required