Our Little Monsters

Taking great care of your pets in your own home while you're away

Hello Sharon,
Just to let you know that we arrived home late last night. The cats are so happy and relaxed and you left our home so tidy and perfect, we are so impressed. Thrilled to have you on board. Thank you for putting our minds at ease, we loved your notes. Very happy to have found you.
Les and Beverly Marshall - Mt Macedon

Hey Sharon.
Thanks so much for all your help. You have been wonderful. I'm sure I'll need you again in the future.
Sebastian is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Krystina - Gisborne

Back home last night and Pip is really a happy boy. He doesn't appear to have missed us at all apart from coming inside so thanks once again for taking such excellent care of him
B Graf - Gisborne

You are a champion, great job! Thank you.
R Perkins - Gisborne

Thanks Sharon.... Fantastic job and all relieved here in Perth with your news of how great the animals are doing. Thank you so much for the care you have taken
Vin & Laura - Mt Macedon

Hey Sharon. Just got in. Dre and Bella said they got spoiled. Thank u so much for the note and of course for looking after our pets at such short notice. We are VERY impressed. Many thanx. Graham - Macedon

Hi Sharon, thank you for your wonderful care of our animal family. Your messages have also been great and we really appreciate the decisions you made for Titans welfare. My, he looks so lovely after his grooming! Thanks again Sharon for caring so much for them.
Michael and Lou - Macedon

Thanks again Sharon. The dogs are excited to see us but quite content, having you around has worked really well for daisy and wally these holidays. Having them at home in their own yard is the best place for them, thanks Sharon. We will be in touch in the future.
Daryl and Sharon - Gisborne

Hi Sharon
I'm so grateful to have found you, it is such a relief to know that Audrey will have a buddy looking out for her while I'm at work.
You guys are going to be best buds!
Sylvia from Woodend

Hi Sharon thanks heaps for everything. Cuddles was waiting for u when we got home and was a bit confused to see us instead but happy with her non stop story telling. So wrapped to have found you :-)
Jade Bray, Gisborne

Hi Sharon, Thx very much for looking after everyone, pics included! So great to see that they all look so happy!. Thx.
Nadya and Gregg, Sunbury

Thanks Sharon, we got back early this morning. Lester was glad to be let out, and Monty enjoyed being let in. We were very please with your service, thanks once again.
Sarah Hall, Riddells Creek

Hi Sharon. What a relief, thank you so much for coming out of your way to let Motley in the house when we couldn't find him! Thanks again for looking after him. We really appreciate your care.
Matt & Ruby, Woodend

Hi Sharon! All home safe n sound. Thank you for looking after everyone so beautifully and realizing we'd left the hot water on! See you soon.
Lisa, Woodend

Hi Sharon, thanks again for your brilliant care of W&S, and for keeping the plants alive :) Pussycats seemed very chilled when we got home (testament to your excellent company) Have since had lots of cuddles. Would love you to look after W&S again when the need arises.
Warmest, Melody, Trentham

Hi Sharon, I have been getting your beautiful texts. Thanks again for all the love you have given Paris, thanks so much for caring!!!
T Love, Mt Macedon

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The mess in the catrun, especially the steps, was a real problem both physically and how I felt about myself (both inadequate and embarrassed). Thank you for rescuing me.
Susie, Gisborne :)

Thankyou for letting me know about Blue and Ginger, I miss them so much but know they are in wonderful hands and thank you for your wonderful kindness. Love Liz xo
Liz Mann, Macedon

Just finished a telecon and looked out to see the boys stood at the gate pining because you've gone! They love you! :) Thanks for all your help over the last few months, we really appreciate it X
Jo and Rick, New Gisborne

Thanks Sharon, we love coming home to your notes! See you again soon!! :)

Melanie and Stephen, Woodend

Thank you so much. We really appreciate you Sharon!
Mel Watson, Woodend

So glad you are our dog sitter. When I get home they are so relaxed. Thanks so much, you are my hero.

C Snowdon, Gisborne

There's no one like you Sharon. You are unique. X

Cathy, Gisborne

Hi Sharon,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Bodgel whilst we were away over the weekend. It is so great to know that he is being looked after in his own yard. Our girls loved receiving your note in the mail box, especially the bit about our "funny chooks"!  We hope you took some eggs??
Thanks again,
Jo, Noel, Jessica and Chloe

Thank you so much Sharon, it's such an excellent service you provide. Dogs have been destuffing their bed over last week, I need to sew it soon, thank you for cleaning up the mess.
Until next time, thank you again.

Hi Sharon,
Thank you for taking care of the little ones in our absence, you have done such a wonderful job as they were calm and happy, as though they didn't notice we were even gone!   (I'm sure they did, but it was nice to see them calm, relaxed and so well cared for).
Thank you again, I will give you a call every time we go away.
Kind regards,
bunny kisses
guinea kisses
fishy kisses
kitty kisses

Hi Sharon,
Thank you so much for looking after Hollie (the horse), Sanchez, Merlin and Houdini (the goats), Pumpkin (the turkey) and all the chooks - We came home from nine days and found the place like I had just left it the night before - the animals were very well looked after and you did an amazing job in respecting the way I "did things" and did them just the same way - the paddocks were clean, water was filled and food bowls were filled - thank you every so much - Highly recommended and look forward to our next holidays where we will know all the animals are left in good hands.
Julie & Roy xx

Hello Sharon!
We're finally home after a mammoth 8 1/2 hour drive. It was lovely to arrive to the animals all so happy and chilled out! Seems they've had a lovely break too!
Thank you for everything,
Lisa from Woodend

Hi Sharon
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our gang last week.  The dogs and cats were really happy and were all in good health.
We also appreciate the care and attention you give to our chickens when you visit, bringing vege scraps along with you is thoughtful and I know they really appreciate it.
Thanks very much.
Kind regards

Hello Sharon,
I hope you are well and keeping warm in this freezing weather (there is white ice on the grass outside at the moment).
I apologise for not emailing you earlier to say thankyou for caring for Chloe, Grace and Henry almost two months ago. (I have many excuses for not writing before now but none of them are good enough.)
Joel and I felt very comfortable with you caring for our dogs and we would have no hesitation to do this again in the future if you are available.
Michelle McKay

Thanks Sharon, taking care of seven active and boisterous dogs can be challenging to the uninitiated, but they were all happy, healthy and well fed when we came home.
Many thanks,
Jan Waite

You truly are an exceptional soul Sharon and words are not enough to thank you for all that you've done to keep Bob from harms way. I just can't figure out how he could possibly be getting out but it's clear that he's not so clever getting back in!
I keep having visions of Bob as Paddington Bear in a yellow mackintosh and red suitcase with a big tag around his neck. How very glad we are you thought to put your phone number around his neck. Again, thank you.
You shall receive your knighthood on our return along with all other rewards and compensations.
Please know just how very, very grateful we are to have you!
And again, my apologies for all the drama you've been put through by one very naughty, cuddly, not-so-bright spoodle.

Many thanks for your clear attentive care. I can't say we go away much at all but we will definitely request your services when we next do and will most definitely spread the word about you to local acquaintances with pets. Many thanks again, Sharon.
Kind regards,
Joanne Cashellban

Hi Sharon
Want to thank you for looking after our puss cats while we were away. They looked all happy when we arrived home - pleased to see us but certainly not because they'd been neglected!
Thanks once again - you're on my fridge for next time!
Kind regards
Debbie Appleby

Roly was very healthy and happy when we came home from holidays and you obviously got to know his quirky little habits (walking himself).
We will definitely call you when needed and recommend your services to any one looking for someone to care for their animals.
Thanks again
Sheree Zavattiero

Just a note to say how grateful we were to be the recipients of your excellent service for our little hen house over summer - it gave us great reassurance knowing you were there to mind them, and I returned to find them in excellent condition. Thank you for providing this service, I will be sure to pass your details on to everyone I know, and wish you success in your business!
Kind regards,
Jane Waduck and the family

Whilst always having problems leaving our 5 beautiful pets [3 dogs a pig and a goat], we were absolutely 'over the moon' to discover the delightful and gorgeous soul, Sharon.
Not only did she take wonderful care of them all, but when we sent her a very last minute text saying we'd need her to continue for an extra 3 days, she couldn't have been more obliging.
I cannot recommend her highly enough and have done so to everyone I know who has a pet.
You certainly can't argue with her prices and the genuine care and attention is just incredibly re-assuring. She even sent us regular texts and calls updating us on their well being.
Sharon is a true gem [I should actually say that she's horrible so that she always has the time to look after our lot!], she's the best carer we've ever had.
Donna Christie and the zoo

Hi Sharon
We are home and Bobbi was so glad to see us. Thanks for looking after him and the guinea pig. And THANKS for taking extra care of Taps (by taking her home to your house out of the extreme heat over the New Year to make sure she would survive).
Thanks again
Tessa, Bullengarook

Hi Sharon,
Just wanted to say thanks again for looking after Ben and Shel. I think they had a lovely time and were a bit disappointed to see us arrive to feed and play with them instead of you!
We will definitely be using your service next time we are away and I have already told quite a few people about how great you were. Friendly, but still very professional.
Thanks once again and look forward to doing business again soon.
Kellie Wilson

Dear Sharon,
Ruby and Leroy would like to thank you very much for looking after them while we were on holidays. Their daily walks were wonderful and they were very happy dogs when we returned from our holiday. Their time with you was very enjoyable so they did not miss us at all which was very comforting for us.
We will definitely be booking you again when the time comes for our next holiday.
A very big thank you
M and L Ryrych, Woodend

I am a person who adores my pets - I have 2 beautiful dogs - and wouldn't even consider putting them into a shelter when I go away. I was told by a friend that Sharon has a true love and natural affinity with animals and that she met her while Sharon was volunteering at Edgars Shelter caring for the animals there.
On this recommendation I contacted Sharon and arranged a time for her to come to my place to meet my dogs and discuss the possibility of having her care them while I was away for 3 days.
The moment she visited both myself and my dogs were comfortable and at ease with her.
Sharon agreed to come around and feed them both morning and night and take them for their daily 1 hour walk. Her rates were so reasonable and I left feeling as comfortable as I could that my dogs were in their own home and being well looked after.
Sharon sent me an sms each day and assured me that things were going great and gave me updates on my babies and this put my mind at ease.
I returned home to find my dogs happy and so obviously well taken care of. Sharon told me the stories of their adventures and she far exceeded all of my expectations as a care giver.
I would recommend Sharon in a heartbeat and can assure any potential client that their pets will be in the kindest and most loving hands. Please feel free to contact me should you require confirmation or further feedback.
V. Green

Thank you heaps for taking the stress of going away and leaving a pair of much loved pets behind. It is a new experience for them to stay home due to having a new baby, the dogs can no longer come with us and enjoy the same doggie holidays and adventures as they cannot sit in the back seat of the car with the new baby.
Emma a German Short Haired Pointer is now a frail 15 year old girl with mild dementia needing medication twice daily and her mate Sheena a 6 year old German Short Haired Pointer with a love for life, chasing ducks, swimming in dams and of course her food. When I come home from being away, the girls are happy albeit pleased to see us, and their needs have been catered to. Whether it be having a bone treat to help them through the days without "Mum N Dad" or their coats put on due to cold or raining weather, nothing has been too much trouble for you and for that I thank you.
Even the pot plants don't suffer!! You clear our mail box and put out the bin on bin days to give our home, in all appearance a sense of normalcy. This is not only beneficial for the "Girls" for a routine, but keeps any unwanted attention from would be thieves on their guard as to occupants and their property absences.
Having used your service twice now and soon to be a third time, thank you once again for your kind service and I would have no hesitations in passing your number onto others looking for in-home care for their pets and plants.
C. Fischer
Riddells Creek